Bauer Vertexx Edge® Goalie Blades

Bauer® Goalie Blades

Steel for Bauer Vertexx Edge® 3mm Holder

Flare Skate Blades are precision-crafted in Canada, from sword-quality Swedish steel.

We are happy to sharpen your new Blades for you prior to shipping at no additional charge.

Because of the 6 degree Flare our Blades offer goaltenders:
Better control of edges
More efficient glide
Best blades on the market for their ability to hold their sharpness 

Athletes are required to adjust their Hollow.

A 1 1/8" Hollow on Flare Blades (5/8" on traditional blades) is most common, but you are welcome to adjust to your skating style.

Please view our Hollow Conversion chart to discover your Hollow Equivalent.

Holders not included.

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