Tyler Motte | NHL Forward | Vancouver Canucks

"I trusted the blades after my first skate. I felt more balanced and confident on my edges. I also noticed more glide throughout my stride."

Tyler Motte

Flare Skate Blade | Silver

Precision-crafted in Canada, our Blades are manufactured to an optimum hardness from sword-quality Swedish steel.

The 6 degree angle translates to decreased friction, which provides optimal glide and maximum speed; gives you a better edge which creates more bite on tight turns; for an unparalleled experience offering superior stability and control that no other blade can match.


Flare Skate Blade | DLC

Our newest Blade is created from proprietary NASA technology. The Diamond-Like Carbon coating increases hardness and durability, allowing for maximum performance in addition to the scientifically proven advantages offered by Flare's unique, patented design.

When applied to Flare Blades, the DLC coating will reduce friction even more than Flare's already proven 21%; and prolong edge retention, meaning less sharpenings, no need for in-game repairs, and provides even better bite and grip on stops and turns.


The Best Blade. Proven.

Our unique, patented design offers:

20% Increased Glide

Wider Blade = Incredible Stability

Maximum Speed

Quicker + Tighter Turns

Used by Players on 16 NHL Teams

Precision-Crafted in Canada

Sword-Quality Swedish Steel

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Change Your Blade. Change Your Game.