Flare Skate Blade for CCM SpeedBlade XS®


Steel for CCM SpeedBlade XS® Holders.

Flare Skate Blades are precision-crafted in Canada, from sword-quality Swedish steel.

We are happy to sharpen your new Blades for you prior to shipping at no additional charge. Because of the 6 degree Flare our Blades offer, allowing for Tighter Turns, Faster Glide, and More Control, our Athletes are required to adjust their Hollow.

A 1 1/8" Hollow on Flare Blades (5/8" on traditional blades) is most common, but you are welcome to adjust to your skating style.

Please view our Hollow Conversion chart to discover your Hollow Equivalent.

Holders not included.

While most users do not feel the need to Profile Flare Blades due to the already increased glide and turning capabilities, if you insist on profiling your Flare Blades please email info@flareskateblade.com with your requested profile before placing an order. We will get back to you with the additional cost required to profile your blades.

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