We've proven it, again and again.

With over a decade of extensive Research and Development, our blades have been tested by hockey players at all levels and abilities, including the pros.

No other blade has undergone such rigorous testing.

An independent study was conducted by the University of Calgary's Human Performance Lab, proving the considerable increase in performance. Learn more about the study here.


The 6 degree angle of the blade means you will:

  • Skate Faster

  • Decrease Friction

  • Turn Sharper + Tighter

  • Stop Faster

  • Accelerate With More Power

  • Experience Additional Stability + Control

  • Crush Your Opponent

  • Be A Better Hockey Player


Precision-crafted in Canada, our blades are manufactured to an optimum hardness from sword-quality Swedish steel.

Each and every blade is hardness-tested and hand-inspected for exceptional quality before we package it.

Because of the extreme care we put into our product, we proudly stand behind our blades, and offer you a Risk-Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Flare Skate Blade

Tighter Turns.  Faster Glide.  More Control.

Proven To Increase Performance

Simply Better. Scientifically Proven.