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Flare Blades WILL increase your performance


Where do I find my Blade Size?

The Blade Size will be etched into the blade holder, and will be a 3 digit number.



Are Flare Skate Blades available for Goalies?


Our First Batch of Flare Goalie Blades has arrived, however only in the BAUER VERTEXX EDGE®, Sizes 9, 10, & 11. More sizes are coming soon, and they will be added to our website when they are ready.


How do I sharpen my Flare Skate Blades?

The exact same way you sharpen your traditional skate blades.

No special equipment is required. However, a hollow adjustment is required to adjust for the flare.

To really be precise, use a Flare Square Edge Checker to ensure level sharpening edges. The Flare Square Edge Checker will work on Flare Blades as well as all traditional 3mm blades.

Click here for more detailed info on sharpening your Flare Skate Blades.


Can I use a honing stone on Flare Skate Blades?


Be sure to hold the honing stone parallel to the angled part of the blade only. Running it flush across the whole blade will dull your edges.

To hone DLC-Coated Blades, use a leather chamois cloth or a clay/gummy stone.


Are Flare Skate Blades able to be sharpened on the Sparx® machine?


Flare Blades can be sharpened on the Sparx® machine. To order your Sparx® grinding ring for Flare Blades, please visit their website. Make sure you follow our Hollow Conversion chart. For example, if you use a 5/8" hollow on standard skate blades, that is a 1 1/8" hollow on Flare Blades, so you would order the 1 1/8" grinding ring.


What is the profile of Flare Skate Blades?

Factory profile.

As Flare Skate Blades are designed to fit in hockey's most popular holders, the profile is the same as the manufacturer's stock CCM®, Bauer®, or Graf® steel.


Can I profile my Flare Skate Blades?


Because the Flare Blades already offer significantly more glide and turning capabilities, we always recommend to try our stock profile first. Flare Blades will only be able to be profiled 1 blade at a time on all automated profile machines.

If you are profiling on a ProSharp® machine, please inquire at and we can send you some magnetic shims. The shims attach to the blade where it is clamped in the machine, and assist with keeping the blade clamped level and tight.


Do Flare Skate Blades fit all hockey skate blade holders?


Flare Skate Blades fit a number of skate blade holders from the most popular hockey skates on the market:

Bauer Tuuk LSE®

Bauer Tuuk LS2®

CCM SpeedBlade XS®

CCM SpeedBlade +4.0®

CCM E-Blade Pro®

Graf Cobra NT3000®

Graf Cobra UL5000®


View and shop all Flare Skate Blades here


Are Flare Skate Blades wider than traditional skate blades?

Yes, but only where the blade meets the ice.

A traditional steel runner has a 3 mm base; Flare steel has a 4.5 mm base, giving you the power to perform exceptionally.


Are Flare Skate Blades heavier than traditional skate blades?


We have weighed our steel against other skate blades and have found that there is no difference in weight.


Do Flare Skate Blades require any special care?


As with traditional blades, we recommend wiping your Flare Skate Blades clean after each use. Skate Soakers are good to use while the blades are in your bag, however when you get home you should always remove your skates from your bag, and remove the soakers from the blades to let the blades dry.


Are Flare Skate Blades approved for use in the NHL and international competition?


Flare Skate Blades are approved by both the NHL and IIHF for use.


How long does it take to get used to Flare Skate Blades?

Most often, there is no adjustment period, you will notice the Flare Blade benefits right away. For best results, we suggest giving yourself 3 hard skates. The harder you skate, the better your performance on Flare Blades.

How do Flare Skate Blades wear?

Better than traditional steel, say our skaters.

Many Flare Blade users state they don't have to sharpen their blades as often as they used to with traditional blades. We use a very high-quality Swedish knife steel, so our blades do not wear down as fast as traditional steel blades which are almost entirely made in Asia.  


Flare Skate Blade

Tighter Turns.  Faster Glide.  More Control.

Proven To Increase Performance

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