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Flare Blades are sharpened the exact same way as traditional blades


As with any other pair of hockey skates, we recommend you take your Flare Skate Blades to a reputable sporting goods shop and have them sharpened by a skilled and experienced technician.


Flare Skate Blades must be sharpened and cross-ground prior to first use.


Because of the 6 degree Flare our blades offer, allowing for More Stability and Control as you Turn Tighter and Skate Faster, our Athletes are required to adjust their Hollow.


Please refer to our suggested Hollow Conversion Chart for more information.



Guidelines for skate sharpening techs ...

  • Use the same skate sharpening holder as with traditional hockey skate blades.
  • Know that the centre is the same as with traditional blades.
  • Follow Flare's suggested Hollow Conversion Chart to adjust your traditional Hollow to the Flare Hollow Equivalent.
  • Cross-grinding and radiusing / profiling is the same as with traditional blades.
  • Hold the honing stone parallel (flat) to the flared (angled) part of the blade only. Using the honing stone any other way will dull your blade.
  • For best results, we strongly recommend using a modified quick square to ensure your Flare edges are now level.



Flare Skate Blades do not require more or less sharpening than traditional blades. As with traditional blades, the amount of sharpening will depend on the intensity and frequency of use, and will be a matter of personal preference.

Although individual use varies, players who have switched over to Flare Skate Blades have reported their blades require less sharpening than their previous traditional blades.

Because the angle increases the width of the blades at the bottom, you must adjust your Hollow to ensure you experience the increased performance proven again and again by Flare Skate Blade users.


Check out our Hollow Conversion Chart here

Always sharpen to your personal preference



Flare Skate Blade

Tighter Turns.  Faster Glide.  More Control.

Proven To Increase Performance

Simply Better. Scientifically Proven.