The Science


There is a proud history to this highly competitive, physically demanding sport for elite and recreational players alike. It’s been nearly a century since the modern hockey skate was invented.

Throughout hockey history, no one has ever changed the basic shape of the hockey skate blade itself.

Until now.

Flare Skate Blade is a game changer

It is transforming the hockey world as we know it, setting the new standard in performance: exceptional.

With over a decade of extensive Research and Development, our blades have been tested again and again by hockey players at all levels, including the pros.

An independent study conducted by the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Calgary sought to investigate the difference in performance of the Flare Skate Blade versus traditional skate blades, focusing on frictionaccelerationspeedglide, and turns.


The Results?

Flare Skate Blade Improves Performance

  • Flare Skate Blades reduced friction by 20.6% versus standard skate blades

  • Performance was increased in every agility test (acceleration, maximum speed, and glide turns), with an average improvement of 5.6%

  • After 5 weeks of testing, all subjects preferred the Flare Skate Blade to their original blades, and all said they would buy the Flare Skate Blade over traditional skate blades

No other blade has undergone such rigorous testing

See for yourself, and learn more, by watching this short video: 


Flare Skate Blade

Tighter Turns.  Faster Glide.  More Control.

Proven To Increase Performance

Simply Better. Scientifically Proven.