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"Flare Steel gives my players more confidence"

As an equipment manager who is responsible for providing my players with top of the line gear, I believe Flare Steel gives my players more confidence in their skating ability. Of my players using Flare, all of them said they feel more secure and balanced when making sharper turns and when starting and stopping. That make my job easier because I have the confidence that they won't lose and edge in a crucial part of a game.

Jorge Lopez

Equipment Manager | Seattle Thunderbirds


"Increased glide & bite"

I've been sharpening Flare Blades for more than 5 months now and find them very easy to maintain. We currently have hollows between 1"-1 1/4". Players seem to be holding their edges very well and despite the Flare, they are easy to square up. With the increased glide and bite, players are switching to less of a hollow for increased performance.

Mike Fines

Equipment Manager | Saint Mary’s Huskies


"By far the best advancement in steel"

I've been a skating coach for 12 years and I have seen a lot of technology and products change the way we play hockey. From a skating standpoint, the Flare Blade has been by far the best advancement in steel, allowing players to become more efficient and faster on the ice. Truly a game changer, in my opinion. Once you use them, there is no going back.

Kelly Askew

NHL, College, Junior, Minor Pro Skating Coach


"A game changer ... My turning is flawless"

Flare has been a game changer since I started using them. My balance is second to none, I can balance from edge to edge without zero stability issues. My turning as a forward down low in the corners is flawless and I can turn on a dime in any situation. As a former pro player and now a skills and skating coach, these blades are a huge asset to me. I would recommend them to any player that wants to take their skating to the next level.

Bret Peppler

Power Edge Pro Certified | Certified Skills & Power Skating Coach


Hollow Conversion


Because the angle of the Flare Skate Blade increases the width of the blades where the steel meets the ice, a hollow adjustment is required.

We suggest the hollow be adjusted to the following Hollow Conversion Chart.

For more information on Sharpening, click here.


Please note that the following is a guide



Always sharpen to your personal preference



Flare Skate Blade

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