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Flare Blades in the NHL: What The Pros' Say



"I felt more balanced and comfortable on my edges."

Tyler Motte

"I trusted the blades after my first skate. I felt more balanced and confident on my edges. I also noticed more glide throughout my stride."

Tyler Motte | NHL Forward - Vancouver Canucks

"I changed to Flare and really notice my glide"

Andrew Cogliano | Dallas Stars

"I have a new steel that’s called Flare Skate Blade, it’s a thicker steel. It gives me an option to glide more, but be sharper when I turn. I get it [sharpened] at an inch and a half, it’s a big difference. I’ve noticed you need a glide; I used to play with no glide and my legs would kill me. I changed [to Flare Skate Blade] and really notice it."

Andrew Cogliano | NHL Forward - Dallas Stars

1000+ NHL Games Played

"Faster on the ice, stronger on my turns"

"I really enjoy using the Flare Skate Blades and have noticed a huge difference. I feel faster on the ice, stronger on my turns, and have more stability on my feet."

Andrew Mangiapane | NHL Forward - Calgary Flames


"The Flare Blades provide me with better balance, + sharper + quicker turns"

"I believe that the Flare Blades provide me with better balance, and sharper and quicker turns. These blades are the perfect blades for me."

Ryan Murray | NHL Defenceman - New Jersey Devils


"I felt more comfortable on my skates right after I switched to Flare Skate Blades."

"I felt more comfortable on my skates right after I switched to Flare Skate Blades. The wider blade allows me to make sharper turns and feel more balanced in tight areas. I also feel more glide and overall feel I'm a better skater"

Connor Bedard | WHL Forward - Regina Pats

1st Player in WHL history to earn Exceptional Player Status


"I like the grip Flare Blades give me"

"I like the grip the Flare Blades give me on the ice when I'm cutting back on an opponent or turning down low. I also like how I don't lose speed when I do these things which is unlike other blades I've tried."

Seth Jarvis | WHL Forward - Portland Winterhawks

Drafted and Signed to Carolina Hurricanes | 1st Round 13th Overall


"I can turn way faster"

Nicolas Beaudin | Hockey Prospects – DobberProspects
"I feel like I'm getting more speed when I crossover. I really like the glide too, it feels like I can turn way faster than any other blade I've used. I like how they pound in the ice when I take my stride."

Nicolas Beaudin | NHL Defenceman - Chicago Blackhawks


"Month-long nagging injury started to settle down"

Karl Alzner

"I switched to Flare Skate Blades because I was having some groin and hip issues. It was within 1 week of using them that a month-long nagging injury started to settle down. Since then, I haven't had any injuries creep up. I also find coming out of pivots forwards to backwards, I have much more power."

Karl Alzner | NHL Defenceman

680+ NHL Games Played

"I feel more stable"

"I’ve noticed my strides being quicker, not having to transfer my weight to my inside edge like on normal blades. They are also wider which makes me feel more stable on the ice."

Kaedan Korczak | NHL Defenceman - Vegas Golden Knights

Drafted and Signed to Vegas Golden Knights | 2nd Round 41st Overall


"Having more blade on the ice was the biggest advantage"

 "Having more blade on the ice was the biggest advantage that I noticed right away. These blades are the best blades for me."

Adam Fantilli | USHL Forward - Chicago Steel

Top Prospect for NHL 2023 Draft

"Faster stride down the ice"

McClennon, Savoie spark Ice to first pre-season win - Winnipeg Free Press
"I personally prefer the Flare Skate Blades because they allow me to have more glide, while still being able to have sharp edges for turning. They dig into the ice, which helps with acceleration and quick starts. They hold their edges well and create for a faster stride down the ice."

Matt Savoie | WHL Forward - Winnipeg Ice

1st Overall Bantam Pick 2019 WHL Draft

NHL Top Prospect 2022 Draft


"Outperforms any other blade I have tried"

"I choose to wear the Flare Blades because I notice improvements in turning, glide, and the overall feel of the blade outperforms any other blade I have tried."

Meaghan Mikkelson | Team Canada Defenceman

2x Olympic Gold Medalist

1x World Championship Gold Medalist

1x Olympic Silver Medalist

6x World Championship Silver Medalist

2x NCAA National Champion


"Great acceleration"

Connor McClennon Scouting Report: 2020 NHL Draft #83
"I chose the Flare Blades because they allow me to have good edges in the corner while not getting easily bumped off the puck. The blades allow me to have more glide and great acceleration."

Connor McClennon | WHL Forward - Winnipeg Ice

Drafted to Philadelphia Flyers | 6th Round 178th Overall

Represented Team Canada U-17 in 2018/19

Team Leader in Scoring


"I feel way faster + smoother"

Wyatt Wylie

"I love the blades; at first it took a little getting used to but after a couple skates I could really feel the difference in my turns. I feel way faster and smoother."

Wyatte Wylie | AHL Defenceman - Lehigh Valley Phantoms

Drafted and Signed to NHL Philadelphia Flyers | 5th Round

Iron Man | Everett Silvertips 2019


"I can glide easier + have much more stability"

"I love Flare blades because the wider blades make tighter turns, and I feel like I can escape pressure much more efficiently compared to any other blades. I feel like I can glide easier and have more stability on my skates. I'm a proud Flare Athlete."

Jake McGrew | WHL Forward - Spokane Chiefs

Drafted & Signed w NHL San Jose Sharks


“I can turn tighter, faster"

Tyrel Bauer

"I prefer Flare Blades because I can turn tighter, faster, and am able to accelerate out of turns smoother. They are great in tight situations, but also preform great in open ice. Overall a great choice."

Tyrel Bauer | WHL Defenceman - Seattle Thunderbirds

Drafted to Winnipeg Jets | 6th Round 164th Overall

Rookie of the Year | Seattle Thunderbirds 2019


“Tighter + sharper turns going full speed"

Getting to know 77th overall pick Gianni Fairbrother - Eyes On The ...
"I noticed a difference right away. As a D-man I feel like my quickness while trying to evade forecheckers has definitely improved due to the Flare Blades ability to make tighter and sharper turns going full speed."

Gianni Fairbrother | WHL Defenceman - Everett Silvertips

Drafted to Montreal Canadiens | 3rd Round

Most Improved Player | Everett Silvertips 2019


"I love how easy it is to glide”

Jack Finley

"I love the Flare Blades. Being a bigger guy, sometimes it's hard when you’re in the corners trying to turn tight but the Flare blades help me so I can efficiently turn in and out of corners. They help me feel stronger on my skates and I love how easy it is to glide."

Jack Finley | WHL Forward - Spokane Chiefs

Drafted and Signed to Tampa Bay Lightning | 2nd Round 57th Overall

Scholastic Player of the Year | Spokane Chiefs 2019


"Tighter + sharper turns"

Jackson Berezowski

"I like the Blades a lot. The glide is outstanding and they allow me to make tighter and sharper turns. It was a great decision to switch to these blades!"

Jackson Berezowski | WHL Forward - Everett Silvertips


"Way easier to enter turns + gain speed"

"I really like the blades, I feel much more comfortable on them then any other blade. It is way easier to enter turns and gain speed."

Oleg Zaytsev | KHL Forward - Dynamo Moskva


"My glide is faster + I have much more control"

Barteaux Making The Most Of The Off-Season – Red Deer Rebels"I’ve noticed that my glide is faster and I have much more control. Every hockey player is always trying to be one step ahead of everyone else and now that I am using Flare Blades, I feel like I'm one step ahead."

Dawson Barteaux | AHL Defenceman - Texas Stars

Drafted and Signed to NHL Dallas Stars | 5th Round


"Switching was one of the best decisions I've made"

Jake Lee of the Kelowna Rockets - November 21, 2019 Photo on ...

"Switching to Flare Skate Blades was one of the best decisions I've made with my skates, using the thicker blade really improves my edge work and my glide speed. After getting used to the blade, my skating got a lot better and I'm a lot more confident in my edge work."

Jake Lee | WHL Defenceman - Kelowna Rockets


"Instant turning ability in tight corners"


"The thing that I instantly noticed when using Flare Blades is the turning ability in tight areas and flying out of the corners. There are many advantages to using Flare Blades."

Ryder Korczak | WHL Forward - Moose Jaw Warriors

Top Prospect Eligible for 2021 NHL Draft


"I feel more comfortable on my edges"

Stonewall's Mattson Now Focused on St. Francis Xavier University ...


"Flare Blades have really helped my skating and my ability to make tight turns and be more explosive on the ice. I feel more comfortable on my edges and this has allowed me to create more opportunities for myself offensively!"

Leif Mattson | USports Forward - St. Francis Xavier University


"I generate more speed than with my previous blades"

Tarun Fizer

"The Flare Blades have really helped my stride, especially when coming out of turns. I feel my first three strides generate more speed than with my previous blades. Switching to Flare Blades was a great decision."

Tarun Fizer | WHL Forward - Victoria Royals


 "I have more power"

"I love the blades and I think for me I notice that each stride I have more power. Also, when I turn I feel like I hold turns longer and I'm much stronger on my edges."

Dino Kambeitz | WHL Forward - Lethbridge Hurricanes


"You notice a difference right away"

Robyn Regehr

"You notice a difference right away in the corners, especially for bigger, heavier guys."

Robyn Regehr | NHL Defenceman - Retired

NHL Stanley Cup Champion 

1000+ NHL Games Played


"These blades are phenomenal"

Mason Raymond

"These blades are phenomenal; I really enjoy them, and don’t plan on going back to any others."

Mason Raymond | NHL Forward - Retired

500+ NHL Games Played