Referees + Linesmen: What The Pros' Say



"Significantly easier to make tight turns"

Brad Meier NHL Referee

"I made the switch to Flare Blades this season and they are amazing. Significantly easier to make tight turns, and the extended glide is cutting down my fatigue post-games. I am very happy I made the switch to Flare Blades."

"I can make tighter turns"

"I made the switch to Flare Blades this season and I am extremely happy I did. I find I glide better but the biggest difference I can see is that I can make tighter turns, and as a referee, that is very important when trying to stay out of the way of the players."

"The science can improve anyone's skating ability"

Dan Marouelli

"I couldn't believe the glide I got with the first few strides I took and the stability they gave me in my turns. There was a remarkable difference to what I was used to. So much so that I wore those blades for the game in Pittsburgh that night and haven't changed since. I can attest, as a referee, the science behind those blades made a big difference in my ability to keep up to the play. At the end of the day I believe it played a big role in the longevity of my career. I'm so pleased to see that someone is offering this skate technology and really believe in the science and how it can improve anyone's skating ability."

Dan Marouelli

NHL Referee | 1800+ NHL Games - Retired